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How Much Does Bed Bug Removal Cost? 
The cost of completely eliminating a bed bug infestation varies based on where you live and the method of treatment. 
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In general, the most affordable method of eliminating bed bugs is to do it in a single treatment.  Heat treatments and Fumigation are extremely labor intensive and generally take 1-3 days to complete and therefor increase your cost. 
Pesticides and Chemicals can be applied in a single treatment but have toxicity issues and do not always entirely eliminate bed bugs which require a second and sometimes third visit to apply additional chemicals.  Over the years, bed bugs have developed resistance to man-made pesticides which makes it difficult to kill them all in a single visit. 
BioPesticides for bed bugs are non-toxic and are developed using a specific fungus known as Beauveria bassiana that grows naturally in soils throughout the world and acts as a parasite in various arthropod species like Bed Bugs. 

Do You Offer Payment Plans For Bed Bug Removal? 
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What Is A BioPesticide? 
The US Environmental Agency (EPA) defines a biopesticide as ‘’a type of pesticide derived from such natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria and certain minerals.’’  Biopesticides used in pest control for Bed Bugs and other insects are ‘’microbial pesticides’’ that consists of a microorganism (bacterium, protozoan, virus, fungus) that are the active ingredient.  Microbial biopesticides are used to eliminate a variety of pests and each separate active ingredient is specific for the targeted pest (s). 

How Do BioPesticides Work? 
BioPesticides created using Beauveria bassiana work as a parasite that cause a white muscadine disease when the microscopic spores of the fungus come into contact with the body of an insect host, they germinate, penetrate thecuticle, and grow inside, killing the insect within a matter of days. Afterwards, a white mold emerges from the cadaver and produces new spores. A typical isolate ofB. bassianacan attack a broad range of insects including bed bugs, termites, aphids and beetles. 
What Are The Advantages Of Using A BioPesticide? 
Biopesticides used to control Bed Bugs are considerably less toxic than pesticides and other chemicals and are designed to only effect the targeted pest and other closely related organisms while pesticides may effect plants, birds and mammals.  In contrast to pesticides and chemicals that require large quantities covering significant areas, biopesticide treatments for bed bugs are effective in smaller quantities and generally decompose much quicker than pesticides and chemicals.  The result is lower exposure and avoidance to the toxicity problems associated with conventional pesticides. 
Are BioPesticides Tested For Safety? 
Yes, just like pesticides the EPA conducts rigorous tests and reviews of biopesticides to ensure they will not have adverse affects on human and/or pet health or the environment.  The EPA requires biopesticide registrants to submit a variety of data about the efficacy, toxicity, composition and degradation along with any other characteristics of the biopesticide. 
How Is Aprehend® Different Than Conventional Pesticides? 

The key differences between Aprehend® and conventional pesticides is that its a natural occurring fungus that attacks bed bugs and the way itformulated.  Aprehend® is a patent pending, ready-to-use formulation, which contains a specific combination of oils, which enable theBeauveria conidia (spores) to attach to surfaces where they remain until contacted by a bed bug.   The proprietary formulation ensures that Aprehend® is effective even at very low (<20 %) relative humidity. The conidia spores are dormant on the sprayed surface, and will only become active when they come into contact with a bed bug.  This enables Aprehend® to remain effective for up to 3 months after being applied.   

Is The Fungus Safe For Humans And Pets? 

Yes,the Beauveria bassiana sporesare specific to insects and willnot infect humans or pets.  Aprehend® is designed to stick the conidia to the surface where they are applied, the conidia spores will not remain airborne after being sprayed on targeted surfaces.  There are no chemical toxins in the Aprehend® formulation. 

Does Aprehend®  Have An Odor? 

No, Aprehend® is odorlessand invisible on most surfaces. 

Does Aprehend®  Stain Furniture? 

No, Aprehend® is invisible on most surfaces and is targeted to areas that are generally unseen and not normally contacted by humans, such as the perimeter of the underside of a sofa, and the seating area under the cushions etc.   

How Does Aprehend® Kill Bed Bugs? 

Beauveriabassiana is a natural disease of insects and itinfects an insect by direct contact.  It does not need to be ingested to initiate an infection.  Aprehend® contains the conidia ofthe Beauveria bassiana, these microscopic spores easily attach to the insect skin.  When the conidia attaches to the insect it germinates and penetrates directly through the cuticle and gains access to the bed bugs blood system.  Once attached, the fungus grows inside the insect, using the blood as a food source.  Within 3 to 7 days the insect becomes sick and dies from the fungal infection. 

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