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The Glen Burnie Bed Bug Expert utilizes Aprehend®, an amazing Patent Pending Bio-Pesticide that is designed to efficiently kill bed bugs in a single treatment.  Aprehend® is a natural fungal disease called Beauveria Bassiana specifically formulated to attach to and kill bed bugs. 

What we like about Aprehend®. 

  • Affordable Single Treatment 
  • Works On Pesticide Resistant Bed Bugs 
  • Less Prep Work For You 
  • Eco-Friendly, Safe For Humans And Pets 

Why You Want To Work With Us..

You should get in touch with us if you need an affordable, single treatment bed beg solution using the newest  Bio-Pesticide technology and youre tired of wasting your time researching conventional bed bug removal methods 

Ready To Get An Affordable Bed Bug Extermination Quote? 

    Ready To Get An Affordable Bed Bug Removal Quote?

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    FAQ: Ask The Glen Burnie Bed Bud Experts


    How Much Does Bed Bug Removal Cost?

    The cost of completely eliminating a bed bug infestation varies based on where you live and the method of treatment. 

    In general, the most affordable method of eliminating bed bugs is to do it in a single treatment.  Heat treatments and Fumigation are extremely labor intensive and generally take 1-3 days to complete and therefor increase your cost. 

    Pesticides and Chemicals can be applied in a single treatment but have toxicity issues and do not always entirely eliminate bed bugs which require a second and sometimes third visit to apply additional chemicals.  Over the years, bed bugs have developed resistance to man-made pesticides which makes it difficult to kill them all in a single visit. 

    BioPesticides for bed bugs are non-toxic and are developed using a specific fungus known as Beauveria bassiana that grows naturally in soils throughout the world and acts as a parasite in various arthropod species like Bed Bugs. 


    Do You Offer Payment Plans For Bed Bug Removal?

    Yes, we have partnered with a leading financing provider that will provide immediate pre-approval for payment options from up to 10 lenders. 

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